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Back Again

So once again was in hospital, for like a week, only now feeling bit more human since coming out on 15th November. After collapsing in a supermarket. Just doing bit of shopping, starting to feel dizzy told security and he got chair, but it was shopper that knew what to do got me in position and was checking my breathing called 999 (only knew to the point where told security, rest is haze, the paramedics told the doctor and it’s the doctor who told me the full story). Did I mention I was on my own when this happened. Next thing in hospital after been taken by ambulance. My clothes was wearing that day was cut through both sides as nurse told me paramedics cut through one side then once in hospital the nurses cut through the other side. When coming round (alert) was attached to monitors, drip attached to me, doctor and nurse watching over me. In my head thinking I’m like what I’m here AGAIN, WTF!!!!
Excuse my glamorous self in the pics, was bored thought looking at myself might pass the time ha ha. Don’t hate on hair fly away’s and hospital face. I know haven’t gone in detail in’s out’s but don’t have much to spill as some things still under investigation and some things just got to live with. So can do with many hugs at the moment. 
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