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Admitted Into Hospital Via A&E (Accident And Emergency for my non Brits readers)

I apologise in advance if you find these pictures disturbing however it’s reality my reality.

Yes I look a mess, last thing I was worried about was make up and my hair in the midst of passing out, collapsing, can’t even remember calling the ambulance, the paramedics packed my phone, some meds and door keys, locked my door for me. So I was in A&E on Wednesday afternoon 20th March 2013 didn’t think nothing of it, even right up until eve/night time thought yeah going home even though I was in critical state, I could barely talk. Doctor said I think you should stay over night to monitor me, got moved to short stay bit can’t remember the name as things was just haze for me, whilst there I took a turn oxygen mask on again needles monitors doctors nurses rushing around me, so by this point you may of guessed it I am not going anywhere I am staying here now. I got transferred to a ward and that became my home, all the while still thinking oh I am going home today, doctors was like Er no Lucy, really wasn’t well, I even had to be glued to my bed for one whole day couldn’t leave it trust me I tried it but the nurse came rushing over like get back in that bed, put the bars up so it restricted me. It amazed me how nurses showed concern stroking my hand telling me it be OK, even doctor held my hand, which is rare these days.
Cannot thank enough nurses/health care assistants work their butt off, long hours, give my hats off to them, was always good having bit of banter with them. I was prodded everywhere, needle pricked pretty much everywhere both arms and hands, back and stomach.. Tests… 7 days later I got discharged Wednesday 27th March 2013 Night time yes night time, don’t ask. 
Won’t bore you with details as I have rambled enough, yes Fibromyalgia flare up, severe migraine however I have other health problems which is still under investigation, I know I have been vague but if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I hope whomever is reading this is ok, if you not you can get cyber hug from me if that helps, doubt it but it’s the thought that counts 😉 xx

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