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Onna Ehrlich Press Release. Also On my Wish List.

Being a lover of handbags, some people it’s shoes, some people it’s make up perhaps all three. However for me I love good handbag, this brand has just been released in this country, new upcoming brand from America. Onna Ehrlich has been featured in tv shows, various celebrities have been on the red carpet sporting the bag, films I’ve watched which amazes me, as you forget the impact of even accesseries can have on the fashion market.

Here is some of the handbags, ruffles, classic, stylish, simple, and practical.

Rachel Petite


Brooke FWB

Francoise Nickel






Onna’s Coin Purse

Do you notice each item is a person’s name?
Here is the movies the handbags have appeared in, you may have it seen it as well, without realizing.

The Wish List, bold letters WISH: Rachel Petite, and the Ann clutch. Day to night transition with the item’s I’ve chosen, one being with all the junk you have throughout the day, then the clutch just for the essentials money, lip balm, phone. Yes they are at the high end of costs, these be the type of investment bags for us none celebs.

Worth checking out click here, even if it’s just wishful thinking like myself. Plus on the website on About Us section there is video about the designer, and how it all exploded (became popular).

Onna Ehrlich website

PS- I am not being sponsored for this post.




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