Outfit Of The Day To Outfit Of The Night

Here is me, showing Loopy, the fun, humour side of me. If you ever wondered what is fashionable, this is it everybody, it’s bang on trend, the colour. What else can I say but to watch. Sorry to say the outfit was a Christmas pressie couple years ago, however I am sure you can find them in many retail places, with different design to it though.

Ps- Mean a lot if you could spread this blog post or vid. I won’t go into detail what happened last night, as it’s tough living with fibromyalgia, lets just say it was tough night. Resting today kinda minus blogging haha.

6 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day To Outfit Of The Night

  1. “*dratic pause* It's verstaile”

    Thank you for making me laugh 🙂
    I have been chronically ill for a long time now and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few weeks ago so I can fully appreciate what an imporant fashion items PJs are.

    Florrie x

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