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Where Have I Been

I have missed blogging, oh hope when I don’t post for awhile it’s noticed, as that being egostic, I don’t know. Well have been busy on my other platform while blog been on silent end, have done YouTube Vids.

And early this morning

Whilst I have voice I will keep using it, and will not be afraid to hide away.

Please take the time to watch, share, comment, mean a lot.

Thank you everyone x

2 thoughts on “Where Have I Been

  1. Here's my youtube comment from earlier on “It makes me mad that you were dismissed when they could see how poorly you were whilst you were at A&E. I don't know how they can do that. I wish I could help, but I echo the comment below; make a complaint. It is never pointless, you are within your rights to complain how ever many times it takes, and how ever many times you like. Someone will eventually get the message that a) those people may not be doing their jobs properly, and b) you need their help. I am glad you're not bottling it up, keep talking about it because I know how much it helps to let it all out. By doing these videos, I know you are a fighter, and you are stronger than you know. Keep having faith, L! Love and hugs xxx”

  2. I will definitely be putting in complaint. Thank you it means a lot, as it's not just me ranting but actually making a point. Won't lie did warm my heart reading this. As felt like yeah keep the fight going, every message is support for me. <3 xx

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