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Lego Friends

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Big kids having fun, you may of noticed from my birthday haul, if not click here that I got plenty of toys, what can I say everyone has their thing. It amazes me how much lego has changed since I was a child, so much detail now, so many more parts, however glad they supply spares if parts goes missing, as you can imagine it can be easy to misplace or lose a tiny part. Even to this day lego is still just as enjoyable, different era same brand, style may of changed etc, but still gets that buzz of excitement when you see the box, and you just want to build.

Are you a fan? or was when you was a child…..

3 thoughts on “Lego Friends

  1. No I never got into Leggos. I was a reader and that is mainly all I did unless my parents shoved me outside and made me stay there. I wanted my book.

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