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In No Rush


I’ve been M.I.A. after the blogging for month straight, needed the rest. However hasn’t been because I didn’t want too, recently had a fall and seems I’ve injured myself, there was no pain to start with but as time went on progressively got worse, come and go pain to constant pain, with the icing on the cake muscle spasms, yay… You know how it is, one thing after the other. Every position feels uncomfortable, right side of my body is a no no. Finally spoke to my GP, as honestly thought these pains would of faded away by now, as got to that point needed advice asap, doctor thinks it’s sciatica. So now have extra meds, and some exercises to do, which thankfully partner helps (personal physio) as hurts so much to move about, but I know it’s good to move stretch when I can, see how it goes if still same, will need to go back to the doctors. Literally this has been me (pics above), my doggy demonstrates it so well, that oh worries me look, not that his in pain just that soppy look is me but in cute adorable way instead of my moody face right now, haha.

But let me tell you night time though is even more harder to sleep, even though it’s summer heat packs, hot water bottle has been my best friend again, pain on top of pain, but anyway had my little chatter, time to go back to Netflix continue watching Orange Is The New Black, I know I’m late in watching latest series, don’t judge, better late than never.

PS- how adorable does my doggy look, so cute.

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