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Bra Shopping


Love the interior in the changing room

Just have to start off with I apologise for the over exposed pics, so now got that out the way today went bra shopping with my carer, as really needed to get my boobs sized up, so often us ladies has no idea what our actual size is, with the way my body changes weight gain lose weight repeat, you know how it is. Wearing the right bra makes huge difference, lady who worked there, Louise who assisted me, so helpful even when changing she helped, and understood needed breaks when browsing through, I didn’t feel rushed or anything. You should have seen me, was doing some burlesque pose and dance in one of the bras while on the chair (lasted all of 5 seconds), can’t take me anywhere, haha. Trying out the different bras each time it gave me shape, as I just live in support/sports bras and they on last legs. So really need to invest, even more so that I have big boobs. Needless to say treated myself to a bra, as was on budget, still went over, oops, when you have big boobs need quality bra, and being my size have to pay more unfortunately. However now that I know my size, hopefully can find more affordable online, as this shop is great but sadly out my price range, a lot of saving for me would be involved to purchase more from this store, but would defiantly go back.

Any recommendations that caters for larger breasted ladies? preferable affordable, as I don’t have large pocket of coins.

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