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TMRW Christmas Party 2017

The annual party of the year, because life was crazy last year didn’t get to blog about last years one. My first time going, just getting an invite to somewhere was super exciting, and Christmas party at that. This was last year:

Above pic, cool guy runs his own App, got to meet him again, at this years party and his team, we recognised one another which was fab was no awkwardness like nah don’t remember you, that would have been embarrassing… Nice people.

The pic below is me with the owner of TMRW, man of the hour Francois. Ignore my eyes in the pic, didn’t have the energy to fix it. Great suit though isn’t it, lets concentrate on that.

Look at how short my hair was. Yes painted red nose on my nose, and dots where the whiskers would come out, in my head thought it was amazing idea, outcome of it yeah questionable, haha..

Then this years Christmas party was on Thursday 7th December 2017, last year used my crutch (there was seats in each section which was so helpful), this year my wheelchair as that was best option physically, just about made the party, fun fact, of course with help of my partner we attended the party.

It’s not Christmas without Mulled Wine.

Enjoying a drink or two or three or four, letting my hair down. Yes I wore Star Wars jumper, it’s my partner’s it’s actually from Primark (he wore this to last year party). And it was funny seeing others with different Star Wars Christmas jumpers, instant smile to one another.

The barman let me stoke his glorious beard, it was so soft, it was funny because it was my partner who was like come over meet him, as they chatted. Can I just say cool guy, who looked way younger than his age.

Random guy who danced with me, pushed me around randomly, than sat on me, we took this pic. Oddly enough couple of other people randomly pushed me around, kind of dancing, they did ask me beforehand didn’t just push me, otherwise would have been cross, they was just including me in the party. Takes me to my next point, I made sure I had fun, enjoyed the music, was doing strictly on wheels maybe not that far, the barman did say that to me actually which I was thought was lovely compliment. I put myself right in the middle of the dance floor, and yes I was just Lucy BUT with mobility aid as part of my structure, as being disabled isn’t dirty word, needing aid isn’t wrong, but having fun oh no we meant to be at home, not seen, nah….

And the pic below (Sandra is her name), she danced with me most of the night, had great fun, got to know little bit about her, just found it so interesting, as its great hearing success stories, but then hearing the journey they took to get there, others met just about getting over the hurdle, honesty from everyone which I appreciated.

Yep I met cool people, and guess what didn’t feel invisible, chatted, smiled, danced, wasn’t overlooked. And that’s the difference because believe me so often people don’t see you, could be in your wheelchair people still cut right in front of you, that’s just one example.

Then of course wouldn’t be complete without interacting with thee owner himself, who may I add such lovely guy, I could listen to him for hours. Who unfortunately gets stick from disabled community for it not being accessible. Now must be wondering but how are you there. I have asked the questions, don’t worry. It’s old graded building, so his not allowed to make changes, however there is ramp, staff will come out and put the ramp down, always done it for us every time we been there. Yes the toilets is an issue, however as isn’t like bog standard toilets, it’s on its own, I would put in rail just so there’s some aid, support to get on off the toilet.

Thank you Francois for including me, being chronically ill, spend majority of my time home, so felt great to be part of society again. And anyone seeing these pics thinking oh you had great time, yes I did, but afterwards was on bedrest as had too much of good time out. Before attending the party I had FND symptoms, at times it seemed like was going to have non epileptic seizures but did have full on ones night before, on the day of the party was more the dissociative seizures (during the day), to learn more about FND/NEAD click here. So don’t think I didn’t have my own eternal problems going on, but once my partner said get ready, I made sure it was going to be worth it, and we both had good time.

I shall be expecting more invites ๐Ÿ˜‰ wink wink hinting to the boss and I’ve registered before him or his team asks. I hope there be more to come in 2018.


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