Merry Christmas 2017



I know people don’t really do Christmas cards these days. I still send a couple each year, keep that side of things semi going, gotta keep some traditions. Just like each year watch Christmas movies, the good, the bad, the cheesy. Christmas songs, have to sing along too, and to wear something festive even if it’s just under garments. The tree, decorations, lights and the classic ornaments, we can’t forget the food and drink. Theres something that is alway uplifting about the festive season, people are in more high spirits. However Christmas isn’t happy place for everyone for many reasons, theres religions that don’t celebrate Christmas, so it’s just another day to them, or their celebrations is on separate day. Although Christmas is great time, there are many who are homeless, or without, or alone I do count my blessings as I am spending it with my family, if theres anyone who reads this who are alone contact me through my social media (on my side bar) or via my email that’s in my About Me section on my blog, or leave comment on here. As I don’t want someone to feel alone over Christmas, because I know this time of year can be trigger for mental health, anxiety, depression, those of us with chronic pains it can be hard to keep up with the festivities as physically can be demanding. Remember to take things at your pace, enjoy extra treats, enjoy the moments, if alone stick on your favourite movies, treat yourself. And to those who help out in the shelters over Christmas honestly you are amazing, I know theres more that people do over Christmas, they are not forgotten.

I extend my virtual hugs to all this reaches, you not hugger, it’s virtual so I’m not physically touching you, so no excuses, why you can’t accept, haha.

Merry Christmas Everyone x




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