Bargain Of The Year-Advent Calendar

Yes bargain of the year, you know as it’s yearly thing, play on words with the title, I thought I was being cute with it. Anyway I am very excited, as I’ve never owned beauty advent calendar before, after years seeing it on YouTube, blogs and just on social medias in general, I’ve appreciated it from afar. I thought I be getting standard chocolate, which don’t get me wrong, eating little bit of chocolate on a daily, who can complain. But nope, by my surprise my partner turns up with big advent calendar, and I’m like wow, as I’m miss budget. My eyes glaze over the lovely packaging.

Excuse the two tones of white in background, the flat is undecorated.

Looking at this advent calendar, I’m thinking it’s expensive, my first guess was £50, the £45, kept lowing it until ended with £25 by that point my partner was like NOPE, all out of guesses, tells me it cost £10 yes only tenner, shocked, even this morning with my carer, she was shocked by the price. Guess where he bought it from, any guesses, answer is Poundworld, did you guess it right? yes indeed, it’s from there. What a bargain. I think it’s only at selected stores, do avoid Poundworld twitter page if don’t want to know what’s behind each door, as thankfully partner saw it, and told me to avoid it, as would ruin the surprise. Talking about costs if you look online for this exact same advent calendar it’s £24.99 on amazon, showed originally £49.99. So what a steal.

Behind Door Number One

Its a blusher. I will be doing blog post featuring the products after certain amount of days, so you can see what was behind the doors, close up, perhaps quick first reaction of it maybe. Overall, I am very excited, very affordable, so if you have Poundworld near you, and it’s not sold out, I say go for it. The packaging in it’s self is great, love it, I think my partner maybe more excited than I am about it, as today his been like when you opening today’s door, when… I know Christmas is tough, EXPENSIVE time of the year, so when you see a bargain like this, even my partner egged me on, to do this post, shouldn’t be just about treating others, but yourself too, granted this was surprise gift, and if this Christmas present in itself I’d be happy.


We are now full on festive season. Break out the Christmas pattern drinking jar 😉

PS- What Advent Calendar do you have, let me know?


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