Advent Calendars For Him, Her And The Dog.

Instead of sounding like broken record yep I’ve been gone for hot minute on this platform. As it’s that time of the year again we look forward to our daily treats in our advent calendars from 1st of December, some are 25, 24 or 12 days till Christmas ones, whichever takes ya fancy.

I did give my partner a budget, as I’m not one to be spending £100 on one advent calendar as don’t have coins like that, but I do enjoy seeing ALL of them food/drink/stationery/skin care/make up/toys etc and of course classic chocolate (different ones and their packaging).

For Him (this can be for her as well, only in our household it’s his as I’m vegetarian).

I think the packaging of this is fab, love the illustrations, has different stories on their going on, the joys of December, haha, fun packaging overall.

For Her (me).

Partner surprised me with Yankee Candle advent calendar, so that means I be enjoying nice smelling rooms 🙂 Classic Christmas feel to the packaging.

It be cool to check out the different scents, as you always go with the scents you like not perhaps adventure out, it be good way for me to be open to new ones (to me) that wouldn’t normally go for, and I think that’s what I like about these calendars opens you to new scents, flavours, brands, etc, that’s coming from me who’s stuck in her ways, haha, so must work, I think that’s why mystery bag/goodie bags are cool as gives you that surprise, and yes it’s like Christmas (had to squeeze that in hehe).

For Dog (pet, in our case for Holly our beagle).

Yes the packaging is adorable, fun illustration.  Every year Holly gets advent calendar as well, she shouldn’t miss out, plus she’s all over ours, when I’ve had chocolate ones in the past of course she can’t have any, so this way she’s included in the fun.

The back they give details, social media and everything, cool.

The his and her advent calendar was both from Debenhams. Pet one was from Dabners a local pet shop.

This is our Advent Calendars this year, also to show what’s out there if you don’t want standard chocolate one or you want that but also none chocolate related one, just an idea. What ones do you have? please let me know, it be great to hear 🙂

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