Dear Penpal

So I was reading a dear friends blog- prettygreentea and I loved the fact she has a penpal. I am someone who loves old and new, and sadly letters have become redundant lately due to the power of technology. And got me wondering I miss the days of writing to somebody, as I did have penpal with elderly lady who I became close to, as we were roomies at hospital (just one of my many stays at hospital), but sadly it fizzled out, as she became more ill.

My Question is:

/Emailpal I shall add. Open to anyone and everybody, who are serious of course. Do take into consideration, I am somebody who has an illness, so I won’t always be able to reply straight away. It be great to hear from you / can also twitter me loopy, to get into contact with me.

PS- Both pics are done by me.
I wanted my pics to look like that, not perfect, just how I would write on a piece of paper, perhaps a bit more neater, or maybe not. Makes it more personal for me, like who ever is reading this is reading my letter already.


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