Tea from Prettygreentea

I was super excited when Daisy said ‘I’ll be your penpal’ after the blog post I done on here. As I love her blog and we have become friends, which I am happy about. Super cheesy, I know…

And when special little parcel arrived yesterday with tea in it, from Daisy there was instant smile. As I am writing this, actually drinking one of tea’s sachets she gave me, for the longest time I’ve wanted to try this tea, so  had to be the first, finally drinking Chash tea.

I know I am always saying this, I am like broken record, sorry about the quality. However this photo was taken by my friend’s phone, then emailed to me, as my laptop is out of action this week because my charger broke, and for odd reasons my pc don’t ever like loading my pictures up.

And breath, sip on my tea…..

Have you had a cup of tea today or coffee?

8 thoughts on “Tea from Prettygreentea

  1. I love tea, too. Once I participated in a tea swap online! It was fun! When I was in high school I had over 50 pen pals and we all wrote and traded zines with each other.

  2. I'm a coffee drinker! Although I do love the odd cup of tea but preferring the more unusual ones compared to your regular builders sort! How did the tea taste? It looks quite scary haha! xx

  3. Only had one so far and that's the Chash tea, the smell of it is mmmm 🙂 can just smell the herbs etc. The tea tasted fresh. What type of coffee do you like to drink?x

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