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Sunday Chill Day


Today has been nice chilled day, started my progressive muscle relaxation I be doing separate blog post about that, as only just started today, meant to of started from Saturday but spent of my day napping as had busy Friday, so I was wiped out, generally been like this all weekend. I was having nice relaxing day until my Dad passed by to drop off Sunday dinner nagged me about having a nap during the day, yes often my Dad forgets I suffer with chronic fatigue and of course more achy due to having more productive days during the week. Haven forbid I be on my bed relaxing, napping, can’t be doing stuff all the time. Often having illness, being disabled flies over my Dad’s head, although majority of my 20’s been ill, I do love my Dad but those kind of comments can irritate me, all the more reason why I need to get on my relaxation grind (perhaps the wrong word to use, oops, but you get my drift). For me looking at the sky can centre me, I love gazing away..

How was you’re day?

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