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Can’t Beat A Pub Lunch





Chilling with nice cool cider and munching down pub meal, happy days. I had the pie and chips which was tasty, did slip little something for the doggy as his eyes was pierced onto the food, only time well behaved when food in front of him, complete angel, when no food he was like he had ants in his fur didn’t keep still, was fine again when we was on the move. Can see in the picture above he loves chilling on me, he woken up when he heard the camera, we was trying to get a picture of him dosing off asleep/sleeping but no luck. As they say never work with animals ay.

Honestly nearly missed out on this meal out, as was busy being too grumpy, don’t ask my mood can be real rubbish sometimes even if don’t have a reason at that moment. However was glad was told come on, get ready we are heading out, it cheer you up a bit, and it sure did. Only just now realised wearing same outfit from last outfit post, just different look, I assure you I am not a tramp, but hey it happens. This was on bank holiday Monday afternoon, it was lovely ending to the long weekend.

Once again can’t take credit for these great photos, partner took these pics.

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