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Cancelled Appointment


Me and my chubby face in full glory, no make up let’s be honest I’m not going too when all I did was go into my communal garden today. Had to cancel hospital appointment with the neurologist today, as this morning collapsed in the bathroom and had seizure, due to lack of sleep night before because of really bad woman pains on top of my normal pains, sticky hot weather doesn’t make a good night’s sleep. And the pain continued into today. With advice from my partner and carer advising me unless it’s emergency appointment, important test, then it’s not worth travelling all that way, plus on the hottest day of the year, I weighed up the pros and cons of staying put, as it was just general check up, in the end worked out for the best. Stepped out in the heat today, I couldn’t wait to get back in and be cool. Now feeling the after effects from my fall, as not sure how I landed, but let’s just say I’m feeling more achy in certain parts of my body now.

How’s everyone dealing with the heat? stay hydrated my lovelies.x

2 thoughts on “Cancelled Appointment

  1. Just spent all day laying in front of a fan – that was about all I was good for today. It was so hot I was finding it hard enough to breathe let alone move. x

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