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Natural History Museum

Day out to the Natural History Museum and can I just say it was refreshing, things like this I don’t get to do often for obvious reasons, so for me it was extra special. I did need to take fair amount of breaks, as my body can’t handle to much walking and standing. Whilst there had flash backs of my childhood, as that was my school excursions visiting museums here etc. The things you learn at school about certain things was all there. Being there I felt like I was learning all over again, freshened the brain. Museum has history about planets/Earth, humans, when animals began and where, natural disasters, rocks, jewels, plants and dinosaurs how cool.

I did take ton of pics however didn’t want to overload this blog post, also it’s quite dark in lot of places, so my pics wouldn’t of done it justice. Over all I enjoyed it, my eyes was every where, wanting to touch everything like the big kid that I am. The best bit for me was the moving dinosaurs, I felt like I was in Jurassic Park, I’ve watched it dozen times if not more, so for me it was like being on movie set. Yes the pictures above, doesn’t it look freaking realistic. If you never been before, and you love bit of history you should defiantly go if you are able to (people that live in the UK and are able to travel to Central London), plus it’s free entry why not….. And my little goody that was bought for me from the gift shop was fridge magnet, I have thing for fridge magnets and key rings/chains ( I am little collector), perhaps I do blog post on it, if anybody is interested?!

One thought on “Natural History Museum

  1. Oh wow, I love it there! Thanks for sharing the photos…and i love Jurassic Park too and always imagine it when I go there.

    A post about your collections would be fab!

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