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Couple a weeks ago celebrated my sister’s birthday, as you may of gathered I love food. Luckily this was before my flare ups and my night in A&E, however back to the dining post. The family and I decided to go to Indian Restaurant to celebrate her birthday, which was fab. I am not one for spicy spicy food, the taste, and also doesn’t exactly agree with me if you get my drift. I was delighted with my Korma (I know how very British of me), rice, Bombay potatoes, and my favourite peshwari naan. The food was tasteful, wasn’t greasy, they was attentive to your needs. My one gripe is the portions are on the small side, wish they was bigger, I notice when eating out it’s either to little or to big of a portion (not always of course).

Drinks, also can see part of my Dad looking at the menu.

My cocktail Cosmopolitan 

Chicken Korma, peshwari naan, rice, and Bombay potatoes.

Other dishes my family ordered.

Step mum tucking in her dessert

My dessert Fruit Parfait 

Entrance/front of the restaurant 

Place an order.

Dodgy angle I know, however it was hard to capture it all without
standing in the road, also was rushing – time to go home.

However I very much recommend this restaurant, so if you ever in South East London, check it out. I sure will be repeat customer.

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  1. Oh yummy! I love indian food, nice review and I hope you and your family had a lovely time…! Your dad looks like he is thinking there is so much choice he doesn't know what to go for!

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