Ritzy Brixton Bar

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Kids Meal Vegetarian Burger If you read my blog thinking another food post back to back, truth be told when I do have chance to go out for a meal I like to document it as my picture diary. My dear friends bless them (lovely bunch), took me out, treated me for a meal. So […]


Brixton Village Grill

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Brixton Village Grill Grill is Portuguese and English cuisine restaurant that serves seasoned flavoursome food. Not having no food all day, appetite was overly big, stomach growls and all. So had to be done three course meal. Starters- Piri piri prawns with rocket salad. Prawns was succulent, oozing with spices that just sat well with […]


Caribbean Food From Tooting Market

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Everyone always talk about the big markets in London, however plenty of small markets that can be gems whether its food clothes there is market for it. What’s great about Tooting Market is having variety of cultures under one roof from Portuguese to Caribbean which I be discussing in this blog post. I love me […]