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The Predator Film Day Date Outfit

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Right ignore the fact I’m in front of complete different movie, my partner said he likes this background better, as his the one taking the pics I just trusted his judgement, so went with it, plus does go with my outfit. We went on day date, my partner thought it was good idea to see […]


Alokui Moisturiser Review

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Lets start from the beginning, was on twitter if you don’t follow me already, you really should @loopysos, saw it on my feed, a retweet about this moisturiser company, me thinking nothing of it, however I thought open to trying new product. I spoke to them directly, I was open with them that I have […]


What Device Have I Been Liking

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It’s been long time since done a review on my blog, and as it’s device my partner and I both been using, but as his been using it the most, I’ve asked him on his thoughts on this device, so this will be combined blog post of what we thought. So what it is you […]


Unboxing JORD Woodwatch

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I was approached to review woodwatch, I know when you think of watches you think of the standard gold-plated affairs, but not here, JORD watches are beautifully crafted bespoke wooden watches. I chose the Ely cherry watch due to the reddish colour tone and its clean design. When the package arrived my heart skipped a beat […]


Honest Burgers (Brixton)

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Me and my usual moody face lol. Happy now- feed me. After seeing reviews and hearing the buzz about this place, me being a lover of burgers had to check out what all the fuss was about. When we got there it was 20 minute wait, so killed time walked around Brixton market and Brixton […]


Glendon Lodge Complex, alternative shopping.

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Taken with my Ipod as my camera was dying. Picture taken with my Ipod Visited Glendon Lodge Complex with my family, as thought it be nice alternative instead of going into town, I discovered this place via the internet as this was when staying at my Mums for couple of weeks. If you follow my […]

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Breakfast- Dorset Cereals

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as they say even though quite a lot people tend to miss breakfast, go straight for coffee but no food. Not me one I have to eat due to medication so I have to eat, so I am forced to eat even when I don’t. Now […]


Steve’s Leaves Salad

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Sorry about the fuzziness, bad blogger.. Recently I got a chance to review some salad leaves, as someone who normally buys the plain salad-in-a-bag this seemed like a decent opportunity to compare and contrast as these weren’t your usual nondescript washed rocket these were Steve’s Leaves; a UK domestically produced and freshly farmed salad (amongst […]


Caribbean Food From Tooting Market

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Everyone always talk about the big markets in London, however plenty of small markets that can be gems whether its food clothes there is market for it. What’s great about Tooting Market is having variety of cultures under one roof from Portuguese to Caribbean which I be discussing in this blog post. I love me […]