New Year. 2015 Here We Are

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What can I say bit late to the party however Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had great Christmas. Won’t be summing up 2014 as to be honest even though was highlights, very special moments, changes in my life, however health wise same crazy flare ups and other problems. Have I made any resolutions, […]


Happy New Year. New Year Resolutions

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It’s new year and that means giving myself new aims or in some cases continuing. I won’t have the usual lose weight or have better diet, exercise all that jazz no. Mine are: Be creative more. Keep up with my penpalling¬† Print pictures (not just be stored on memory cards/sticks etc) Keep blogging This one […]


New Month New Year

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I know I am late on the whole happy new year thing, but it be rude of me to not say Happy New Year to everyone. I’ve not set myself no resolutions nor am I going to recap on 2012 as if I’m honest it was tough year for me health wise, however of course […]


End Of The Year. Random But Short!!

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I won’t be doing New Year Resolution’s post, as I feel my life is forever changing, whether it’s me having less anxiety, less falls, less flare ups more flare ups. Accepting more and more of my condition (fibromyalgia), working around it, knowing that my depression can be handled or at least not to take it […]