Where Have I Been?

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I Can’t believe I haven’t been on WordPress in so long. “Where have I been?” You might ask. Well I’m still really ill, on top of my normal illness between the high doses of medication and sleep patterns being messed up I’ve not been online as much. So bare with me, I’m still around, comment, […]


Being Out Of Control

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I hate being out of control, bad enough my own body is not in my control. But when the simple things like consulting you when carer changing to different one on certain day, wishing I had been spoken, I hate surprises, sudden changes, unless it’s the good kind. Feeling like a child, just wanting to […]


Just Be Silly

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So often we are bombarded with perfect pictures, perfect poses, perfect air brush. But what about fun images, silly poses, silly expressions. That’s why Β it’s great we can post goofy pictures on different social platforms. Have fun, chill out a little, not saying act like a child and be silly that way, sometimes it nice […]


Dear Open Diary

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In these last couple of months life has thrown me back and not in good way. I had plans on doing certain things however couldn’t due to my unpredictable health. Even now I find myself feeling left out as I just don’t have the energy and I still have underlining health issues that seems to […]