Why Am I In Hospital

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If you follow me on social media or regular follower of my blog, you would of noticed me saying I am inpatient at a hospital, nothing more, well the truth is I am in rehabilitation programme for functional neurological disorder. Now you thinking what’s that, other names short abbreviations NEAD (non epileptic attack disorder), dissociative […]


Restless Leg Syndrome

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Not sure if I’ve spoken about this or not, I suffer with restless leg syndrome just one of the things on my list of diagnoses. There was documentary about this last week, which I just knew I had to watch as I am sufferer of this, it’s nice to see things on TV that I […]


Anxiety On The Rise

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Dogs hairs and all on my tracksuit in the pic, with Holly gracing her presence, don’t you just love her floppy ears. Something that niggles at me, is how much anxiety gets exposure, but not always the full picture. How anxiety came form when someone is housebound, had a form of trauma, stressful jobs, peer […]


Where Have I Been?

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I Can’t believe I haven’t been on WordPress in so long. “Where have I been?” You might ask. Well I’m still really ill, on top of my normal illness between the high doses of medication and sleep patterns being messed up I’ve not been online as much. So bare with me, I’m still around, comment, […]


Dazed And Confused.

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Looking through my pics I saw this one and knew straight away needed to use this one, thankfully I’ve not used this specific photo before on my blog. Honestly you can feel lost in this blogging community, I would love to go blogging events and events in general meet people, have that interaction. But it’s […]


Portrait Of Life

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Living with chronic illnesses is draining mentally and physically. Often wishing I could just switch it off, have peace. I can’t remember last time I’ve been to social event. That’s why I can’t exactly blog about events or social things as truth be told I don’t go out. So I concentrate on what I can […]


Natural Tears. It’s Okay To Cry.

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Looking and just watching the world go by, seasons past and I am still stuck here. Isolated long periods of time, I know people will just say oh just go out etc problem is not that simple A. I can’t travel/go out alone due to my health B. I don’t really have many people to […]


The ID Band Company: Wristband Review

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Β This is very much needed item for me, as I am somebody who regularly collapses and so many times when I am passed out and I cannot talk, or when I can talk it’s slurry. Important information like being allergic to certain medication which I am, which is very risky and life threatening. With this […]


Tough Time

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I know I don’t have big following or anything on here or twitter etc. However I wanted to share this, as my blog is representation of me, recently I’ve been having unexplained collapses/pass out/black outs, and it feels my fibro has taken big hit. Even typing this taking effort and concentration, as I’ve had constant […]