A Dog Isn’t Just For Christmas

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Couldn’t resist little blog post of me and my doggy, as this is the time of year people are thinking of getting a pet as Christmas present for loved one, always makes me feel bit weary as such a big commitment and yes that famous slogan ‘A pet isn’t just for Christmas but for life‘ […]


Meg Rivers Artisan Bakery My Love Continues

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Very late posting this, rest assured the cakes got devoured way before the date on the label. Cute little brownie hearts was my valentines gift, needless to say I had precious moment with my cake, I bet you thought I was going to say with my boyfriend ha ha.. The brownie and I had dates […]


Going Back To Art

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Hello sorry for lack of posts, I know I am broken record sorry.. Recently I done painting for my Mums birthday, I thought it make a great gift as my Mum always badgers me about me going back to art, I’ve not painted to this scale since uni days and that was many moons ago. […]