A Dog Isn’t Just For Christmas

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Couldn’t resist little blog post of me and my doggy, as this is the time of year people are thinking of getting a pet as Christmas present for loved one, always makes me feel bit weary as such a big commitment and yes that famous slogan ‘A pet isn’t just for Christmas but for life‘ […]

advent calender

Advent Calender Time. His and Hers

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It’s that time of the year when you allowed to indulge throughout the month, not feel guilty about it, mind you I am in not that bracket of oh no too much calories type of girl, as I say everything in moderation, minus this month it’s the time to be jolly. We decided on cheap […]

99p store

Christmas Stocking

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Hello, wanted to blog so many times but something always came up or just not been well enough. I thought have bit of Christmas blog post after all it is that time of year. Me being the big kid, lover of Christmas. Bought myself stocking, guess where 99p store. Also filled it with food goodies […]