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Travelling Cute

A couple of weeks ago when we got that sudden heat wave at the weekend, I took full advantage and embraced what I could do not what I can’t do. As you may know my passion is art, and capturing art in photos. I took myself to one of my local parks, soaked up my surroundings and began to draw.

My Hello Kitty mini travel case made excellent holder for my little sketchbooks, pencils etc. Which by the way came in set small, medium and large cases (received as Christmas present last year- Hello Kitty suitcases). Needless to say I got a few dodgy looks from strangers but I didn’t care I embrace who I am, and what I like, there isn’t age restriction on all things cute, just because we adults don’t mean you stop being fun.

However one stranger thought I had cupcakes in it, because of the pics on the case I suppose, I thought to myself I wish it did, would of made perfect picnic. Once again I’ve managed to ramble, as always.. But you get my drift travel the style you want to.

Do you have quirky/colourful/sparkly/frilly bag, suitcase, or Ipad/Kindle/laptop case?

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