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Candle Delight

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This a candle I bought from TK Maxx for £6.99 or £5.99 one of the two, sorry I should of looked at the receipt but that’s long gone I think. You know what’s it like when you purse is full of crap, once and while just chuck stuff away, not the money of course oh no no, hold on to that, well until it’s spent that is.

Back to the candle, affordable, love the smell it gives around my tiny flat. Long lasting, doesn’t burn out quick at all, actually it’s still going strong even though it has been used frequently from couple of hours, whole eve/night, a day.. So glad I purchased this, would totally recommend it.

However the downside is as I did buy it from TK Maxx which is like pick and mix of various brands, their stock is forever changing. And each shop is different. I did google this brand, and came across their website.
Hopefully you get lucky with research of where you can buy them etc.

3 thoughts on “Candle Delight

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing. I bet that it is nice..I haven't bought a strawberry candle before and thanks for recommending. I hope you take care and have a wonderful day..Jean

  2. I bet that smells lovely! I only buy candles every now and then, usually over winter for some reason. I may try and find a nice one for the summer though.

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