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Camden Coffee House

Jacket potato with coronation chicken, cheese, butter with side dish of salad.

Give me a comfy chair, tea, food and my sketchbook I’m a happy girl. Coffee camden house has nice relax chilled environment about it, passed the test of seating, as for me I always need comfy chair and enough leg room, very important for me otherwise I cannot be comfortable (it’s not me trying to be snobby or anything it’s just with my chronic pains makes it difficult to sit for prolonged times without the adequate support). I enjoyed my meal, just the right amount of food, sipped on my peppermint tea and then done quick sketch, so excuse if the drawing is a bit crappy. Before leaving I did have cheeky mocha to give me extra boost for my journey home, which I won’t lie got my mocha approval. Overall thumbs up from me.

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