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The Beauty Of Nature

As a treat and birthday present my sister took me to lovely peaceful place (area) called Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire, finally getting round to blogging about it. I am someone who loves parks/country parks, lakes and beaches something so tranquil about them, instantly calms me and relaxes me. My sister knew instantly this would be perfect for me to get my camera out and take some great photos. This was well needed specially as been cooped up since collapsing, the fresh air never felt so good.

Are you the same, do you like places like this?

5 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Nature

  1. Was it your birthday? if so hope you had a great one, this looks so peaceful I would love to get away from the city at the moment. Hope your feeling better kitten, big hugs xxx

  2. Yeah my birthday was just over a month ago, but only now posting the pics, I am behind on blogging as usual lol. Thank you lovely, yeah it was nice day out. I know what you mean hun always nice to get out.x

  3. Hello Lucy,
    I hope you are feeling better and yes, I love places like this. Thank you for sharing them. It is so relaxing, serene and so pretty. I love you, hugs! That was so nice of your sister! Jean

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