Brunch- Egg And Smoked Salmon Love


Today I was treated to delicious brunch my partner made, after yesterday if you read my post if not click here you’ll know my head felt like it was in cloud, not in good a way. As somebody knows a way to cheer me up, perk me up a bit, is food, it must really seem like a I am pig as talk about food a lot, don’t mean too. But hey when you have yummy meal deserves to be shared. As it wasn’t me who cooked it, so details of ingredients I can’t share, however if you can see in the pic, scrambled eggs on toast, with smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes, but he jazzed it up with other ingredients, it certainly satisfied my belly.

Did you have brunch/lunch today? what was it… I’m one those people who likes looking at meals on instagram, don’t mind me living through you, haha.

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