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Honest Burgers (Brixton)

Me and my usual moody face lol.

Happy now- feed me.

After seeing reviews and hearing the buzz about this place, me being a lover of burgers had to check out what all the fuss was about. When we got there it was 20 minute wait, so killed time walked around Brixton market and Brixton Village seeing all the new places to eat as it’s changed quite fair amount since last time been in the area. Once table was available we received a text message to say table is ready for us, which I thought was good, so know what’s happening, officiant. So now it’s time for drinks and FOOD. 

Ordered  beef, red onion and lettuce with leicester cheese burger with their house chips (chips comes with the meal). Must I say chips has nice little crunch to it, taste reminds me of crisps like the seasoning of it, so didn’t need my usual overload of ketchup to dip my chips in. Now onto the burger as sit here typing this I am now wanting this meal, thoroughly enjoyed the burger, cooked just right, melts in your mouth. Overall the service was good, nice meal out however at the end that killed the evening we got the bill before we even requested it, which threw us off, kind of ruined it, if they just waited only few minutes later we was going to ask for the bill anyway, that wasn’t cool. 
Pre warn you as it does get so busy there (in evenings) expect a waiting time, be fully prepared to wait at their peak times. 
However I’m glad I went.

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