Loughborough Nostalgia

This week has been long over due trip, my partner and I went to Loughborough for few days this week.

For me this was big deal getting the East Midlands Railway train, as the last time I was on these trains was before I was using wheelchair and I was using a crutch (took breaks in between) of course if you’ve followed my blog/social medias or know me it came to must in using in wheelchair you know me as ambulatory wheelchair user. My excitement, even down to the train having a tray for wheelchair user, it was all new to me EMR railway line as last time was on it wasn’t EMR so shows how long it’s been, haha. The pics show tickets, us leaving St Pancras, getting to feel like everyone else using tray, my lunch, the sandwich was alright, nothing to rave about.

We stayed right in the town centre of Loughborough, which was so handy for us. The disabled access was at the back of the hotel, the hotel was way bigger than thought it be, once inside seems to get bigger, we stayed Ramada hotel, leading to our room we saw lovely court yard in the middle, the room we stayed in had accessible bathroom (wet room), and it was big room, more than enough space for my wheelchair. We was on our old stomping ground, this very area is where tried to impress him when we was teenagers, so embarrassing, we never did get together as teens. Then in our 20’s we reconnected, and became a couple, had our dates here (it was long distance relationship). The very day we arrived looked around town centre a bit, came across this store, bought myself mystery bag, do separate post on that.

Sorry about the lighting, was dark in the room and the lighting was very orange dark, energy saving ones that don’t brighten up perhaps. Ordered room service first day, wasn’t extra charges, they had good deals going on. I ordered chickpea spinach potato curry with rice and nan bread I liked it, he ordered the prawns, burger and chips. The next day meal well the risotto was so delicious, and the pudding sticky toffee pudding with ice cream lush, you will see where we ate in the next pics.

Thankfully it was lovely weather, his parents took us to ‘The Manor’.

In lovely location. Then they took us to see steam trains, an old working train station (not in use no more), which was cool. His parents told us the history about this place.

Pretty cool, as oddly enough wanted to see the steam trains, so it was win win, we did get to see them load up the train and drive off, it was lovely day with his parents.

We had to go down memory lane, aka the park they had these art pieces aka benches, few of them around featuring different stories, they looked very impractical, no comfort however loved the fact it was a book, credit to the artists (they still had their normal benches there don’t worry), loved the attention to detail felt like you was in Disney or something. Why memory lane, we spent time hanging out there, happy memories, and now in our 30’s it’s nice to reflect, specially when been together for long time. I’m glad was able to do the journey, and this trip as whole as wasn’t easy, as do require resting time, due to my chronic illnesses and seizures travelling is difficult, was happy got to enjoy the countryside as he drove went down this country road (partners Dad) if you can call it a road see in the pic above, haha, seeing the old beautiful houses there and new. Enjoyed the peace and quiet, even staying town centre wasn’t loud. Now back in the city, not city city I ain’t got the coins to live nor the upkeep of living in Central London. It was very nostalgic trip 🙂


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