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Surrey Market Fresh Bread

What we bought, 2 olive loafs, 2 savoury pretzels and 2 sweet pretzels.

Food glorious food, bread glorious bread I love you so. If you been following my blog for awhile you will know I like supporting small businesses/local business. As so many times these days we forget about markets and always resort to shopping purely in supermarkets, when we can find gems, fresh produce in markets, amongst other bargains to be had. When I got told about this new Surrey indoor eatery market, which is situated next to Surrey market (on the same road, strip), hey everyone knows I love food. Was in the area, would of been rude of me not to check out the place, didn’t disappointment me, although it was end of the day, so they was getting ready to close up. Had quick nose around the stalls that was still open, there is upstairs but lot of steps for me so wasn’t physically able to go look. Now let’s get to the bread/pretzel stall, captured my greedy eyes, friendly staff that was able to guide us through the different breads, asking us what type of breads we enjoy recommending us ones we would enjoy. Needless to say the bread didn’t disappoint, soft, type of bread that melts in your mouth, flavour is released and it’s just wholesome.

Savoury pretzels, one with cheese and bacon (that was my one), other was like pizza pretzel, ended up being our dinner which worked out good for me, as didn’t want big dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed mine, wasn’t stingy on the cheese or bacon as you know some places can be tight with their ingredients, nice portion. Sweet pretzel could of been bit more sweet for me, but I blame it on having sweet tooth so for me lacked that sweetness, however still ate it all enjoyed it all the same, just like said earlier bit more for me personally. But now onto the price, all this under £5, bought all this for £2.40 yes, you eyes not misleading you. I think partly because they was closing up for the day they was getting rid of the goods, either way BARGAIN. Unfortunately they didn’t have business card, as certain days they set up in Borough Market, so no info. However with permission took pictures (above), so if you ever in Croydon, check out Surrey St Eatery.

Are you bread fan?

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