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Dazed And Confused.

Looking through my pics I saw this one and knew straight away needed to use this one, thankfully I’ve not used this specific photo before on my blog. Honestly you can feel lost in this blogging community, I would love to go blogging events and events in general meet people, have that interaction. But it’s difficult when you can’t travel places, I don’t have anyone to go can you come all the way to my area then travel to the place providing it’s a train not a tube, oh and by the way if you see my eyes rolling or my breathing is funny to sit me down, make sure drink water and take meds if need be. Like really who want’s to do that.

Also like Ashleigh in her blog post click here I just don’t feel happy (although for me I don’t truly know what happiness is, TRUE HAPPINESS), that’s not to knock other emotions as there is so many. My spark my mojo for art has taken a dip AGAIN, I need a holiday regroup, different environment from the norm. Also one of my new meds is messing up my concentration, which suffered before anyway but yeah damn side effects. Before people jump on me say just go on holiday, I would go now if I could go alone even if it was just to the coast or something. Who wouldn’t want to go abroad, but even all that comes with complications, ugh sigh…

I do feel like I am in catch 22, I am not disabled to where I am in wheelchair but I use crutch to walk around but standing up and walking distances is a problem, so fall into middle ground almost like lost land, can’t really articulate it into words how it is, I know people with illnesses will understand where I am coming from. It’s not only a physical thing but real mental game, which can just leave you dangling dazed and confused.

Really sorry if this blog post was all over the place, I just needed to express myself, this is my little outlet.

2 thoughts on “Dazed And Confused.

  1. Chin up Lucy-loo. I am always here for you. I remember saying this to you ages ago and I meant it 🙂 I don't go to blogging events much either! I am still mega unhappy but you know what? I realised I have my amazing & supportive family and I don't need any thing/one else. I dont need to go to events to get my blog out there and i dont need friends. Be happy,xxx

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