#zomgbloggersbash Event

Better late than never finally, will apologise in advance by the lack of photo’s, I did take pictures however either deleted them by accident or just didn’t like them, so not posted them, bad blogger I know..

The venue-  The Distillers (nice bar)
Beautiful Miss Branberry Cross

Loved the burlesque acts that performed Miss Rubyyy Jones and Miss Branberry Cross omg I loved it, first time seeing burlesque in the flesh, made me want to see another even more, as it’s something I’ve always wanted to see, but never have followed through. So for sure it’s on my to do list now, go watch a show.

Amazing ladies ReeRee Rocket-
That hosted this event, and worked their bums off, great turn out, I was thankful for the invite, and I do have my eye on Rockily Roulette Red Lipstick, on my wish list. Met some lovely ladies. Was introduced more into the vintage fashion, which I must say ladies looked HOT!!!
Lot’s of things was happening, had little stands, crafts table, bingo. It was very busy, it over whelmed me how many people was there, I hardly if ever go out to social events, so for me I was taken back, with my illness it’s limited me, so I was glad I could actually attend, my first ever evening event travelling on my own since being ill 5+ years, so seriously for me it was emotional growth, as well as physical thing. Even writing this has made me cry because I never thought I would get to this point, so long I’ve been stuck, half the time in hospital. So it’s journey, one that shall continue…..
PS- fingers cross I get to go to more events (if I do ever get invited lol) 

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