My Birthday- Day Out In London

20160720-DSC_561120160720-DSC_561420160720-DSC_561620160720-DSC_562720160720-DSC_562220160720-DSC_564220160720-DSC_566120160720-DSC_5664It was my birthday Wednesday 20th July and my partner surprised me with day out in Central London, I thought we was just having picnic at St James park and that be it, was happy with that, beautiful summers day perfect. Don’t ask me how he managed to push me in my wheelchair to all these destinations above, starting the route from local train station too Victoria train station from there scenic route. Had lunch in St James park, relaxing in the shade, well the little bit shade we could find. Then my partner said you ready to go to next destination, still baffled thinking we stop off one more place then home, nope. Moved on from the park to Trafalgar Square always event happening, then Leicester square families enjoying the sun, kids running around having fun this for me is summer, all ages enjoying themselves. If you know me personally or have followed my blog for long time Chinatown can’t help myself love going there, did resist buying any snacks or anything, shocking I know. Lovely stroll well was in wheelchair so nice push I suppose, haha, too the thames next. Sun beaming off the riverside, I’ve lived in London on/off most of my life and still love the views of the Thames, went along Southbank never would of thought it was Wednesday, it was so packed everywhere, one thing I’m not about is them high costs for a drink no no so we kept it moving. Soaking up London like a tourist, enjoying my day out as whole, we ended up at London Bridge taking train home from there. I have no idea what mileage we covered or how my partner managed to push me around covering so many areas, in the heat and I got too see so much, for me means a lot. And surprisingly didn’t have no anxiety considering I don’t like crowds, had to do a lot shouting excuse me wheelchair coming through, packed EVERYWHERE, I was cool as cucumber, that birthday mood had me invincible. Once home blew out candles, as partner made strawberry granola cookies, he knows me too well.

PS- Hope you like the pictures I took courtesy of my partner’s camera, he did take a couple but most shot by me 🙂

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