Happy Birthday To Me. Turning 23 For The Tenth Year In A Row

It’s my birthday and cry if I want to, cry if I want too. Happy Birthday to ya , Happy Birthday to ya, happy birthday….. Go go go go go go, go shorty, it’s your birthday, we gonna party like it’s your birthday. Just some birthday songs for ya, haha..

Yes I am turning 23 for the tenth time today, which you guessed it means I’m turning 33 today. The pic above is Holly (my dog) photo bombing, but as she’s so cute, it be rude not to include this pic.

What I’m holding is my birthday card from my partner and the pets, inside even has part of Holly’s little paw print, which is super cute. As the light washed out what it says on the card, says happy bear day. And the other thing I’m holding is one of my presents from my partner, I love illustrations, it’s sketch of Winnie The Pooh with his head leaning over the counter with his tongue out, so adorable.

Close up, I rarely wear make up like ever, just wear the mininum mascara and lipstick usually, if I do. so I’m out of practice for sure. I don’t have the best time keeping usually, when it comes to getting ready, so don’t leave enough time to put make up on, something I need to work on for sure.

Excuse my chipped nail polish, I will be doing nails, so it won’t look like that for my birthday celebrations. I digged up my old earrings, and was like yeah, you rock Lucy πŸ˜‰

Also just had my hair done, I’ve not cut it, just the shrinkage is REAL, for some reason my afro decided to shrink before I took these pics, the struggles of having natural hair does it’s own thing AT ANY TIME. However you can still see my curls in the pics, still till this day I find my curls cute, before this always use to have relaxed hair (chemicals that make your hair straight) to hear about the big chop aka starting again but with natural hair click here.

May of noticed I’m sporting my Happy Birthday head band, oh yes πŸ™‚ from Forever 21 (bought last year). What am I doing for my birthday, having family BBQ Saturday aka tomorrow, so that’s what I be doing for it. If you follow me on Instagram @loopysos may of seen on my instastory, my birthday present to myself was a tattoo, however I be doing separate blog post for that, so look out for that.

Before I go, one last time:

Happy Birthday To Me πŸ™‚ if you are July baby, hey a summer baby in general, happy birthday to you all x

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