Happy Birthday Holly


This weekend just gone, Saturday 10th December 2016 it was Holly’s birthday, one years old. I’ve never had a pet where I’ve known the date of when they was actually born, always had rough date, but never the precise date. So it was nice to celebrate, however the weather was horrible on Saturday so no nice excursion for Holly, thankfully Sunday was better weather, and my partner was able to take her out for a long walk to the country park, they both enjoyed themselves, meeting other dogs, and being in more open spaces. That was her birthday treat, as well as the dog chew that’s in the first pic above, which she’s loving.

Fun facts about Holly, she’s all bark and no play, a lot of things scare her: plastic bags, tin foil (don’t ask, found that out recently when my partner was cooking, foil was involved and Holly added it to her scared list), things that fall, branches, and her own lead, as her lead had to be changed, as she kept chewing through her previous leads, so she now has chain lead that she doesn’t like, but it was getting very dangerous, being out and she’s destroyed her lead, yep not good. So chain lead it is.

Oh and Holly loves everybody, she wants to be fussed by everyone, and those who don’t she doesn’t get why, bless her.

Happy Birthday Holly xx

PS- My Gofundme is still going, click here, raising money for a new wheelchair, please donate whatever amount you want/can, as it will all add to my goal, which I will appreciate to the highest. It is time for giving after all 🙂


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