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Birthday OOTD

So it was my birthday the other day, bla bla. Was taken out by my sister with my niece to this lovely location for my birthday, the weather was perfect, lucky girl me. I talk more about the actual day out in seperate blog post. However I loved my outfit so much, it would be rude not to show. 

Don’t know why, one eye is shut, however still like this pic.

Niece and I enjoying some ice cream, yum.
The bad news is, the whole outfit was borrowed, the good thing about being the same size as my Mum, I get full access to her fab wardrobe, gotta to enjoy the perks. And the footwear borrowed as well. I do love the print, and the flow to this whole outfit. Yes my niece is wearing a JLS T-shirt as she loves them, oh not to mention she loves One Direction oh dear, lol.
What do you think of the outfit, my Mum be beaming if she hears you love it? Oh isn’t the background lovely….

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