Birthday Highlights 2017

Yes I know my birthday was in July, and I’m talking about it in August, I am just keeping the memories alive, haha.

So what did I do exactly, well…..


On my actual birthday, partner and I went to Central London, and went SHOPPING!!!! I know you must be thinking, is that it, that’s nothing special, well for me it is, I don’t go out shopping all the time, I don’t pamper myself, like get my nails done, nor do I even go to the hair dressers, so yes I get to splurge a bit with the money that’s given to me by family both from mine and my partners parents. Go out for meals, have a drink or two, and just feel normal. My birthday was split between two days, on my actual birthday day and the following week Friday part two celebration, as have to space out activities so gives me time to rest in between, so could fully enjoy it.

My birthday- Stroll around Central, my poor partner pushed me for miles, don’t ask me how. Art Box shop, unfortunately no ramp, thankfully I can walk a bit, wasn’t tired at the time, so walked up the steps, wasn’t happy there wasn’t a ramp, there was no offer with help either, cool shop, but needs to think about disabled people, as we love to shop too, I used my wheelchair as support whilst in the shop, as got tired did need to sit in it, which did block up people’s view to some of the items, which was awkward. Stopped off at Chinatown, what’s happened to it, places are shut down, gone, it’s changed, not the for the better sadly, it was place loved going too growing up, even in my teens had dates there, I don’t know maybe it’s revamping, but yeah the shops I liked there all gone, street food none, who knows what’s going on. We visited the new Lego shop that’s opened at Leicester Square, gotta love Lego. My inner child jumped out even more in Hamleys, that was it lost me, in Sylvanian Families heaven… Then the adult in me jumped out once in Selfridges, it was the first time for my partner and guess what, he loved it, which I’m glad of. What made it even more nicer is the fact, staff was helpful in guiding me where the wheelchair could go, apologised for the parts it couldn’t, like sincere ones which means a lot, they didn’t make me feel like I was inconvenience like some shops can. Oh forgot to mention about Hamleys lifts, clearly stated for disabled people and prams, unfortunately people didn’t follow the rules, causing me to have to wait for ages for a lift several times, which was unfair, guess what didn’t offer to come out for us to go in, often people looked down at me, couldn’t care less carried on using the lift, which infuriated me, I thought to myself access to stairs, escalators everywhere, wouldn’t take you long, more effort to find the lift and use them. I don’t know, didn’t get it myself. Moving on visited couple of other shops, hadn’t been in Forever 21 in yearsss, so it was cool to check out there a bit. Had a meal. On my part two got to enjoy Happy Hour, aka Cocktail time at Caribbean restaurant, had food, this time kept it local.


What I got for my birthday, nice haul of goodies 🙂 I always appreciate, as I’m someone who’s grateful when someone says Happy Birthday to me, so cards or pressies are a bonus, or if you feed me that count too (not literally spoon feed me food of course, cooked meal, baked goodies, taking out for a meal). I like to wish Happy Birthday to those birthdays coming up, hope it’s good. Any summer babies out there like me, who reads my blog, I’m curious, shout out 😉 x


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