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Birthday Celebration Selfie


My everyday blog post in July, I know naughty me didn’t blog yesterday, I do have valid reason why. The pic above is the selfie I took with my phone so excuse the poor quality, may of notice I posted it on instagram too, if you following me already then come on press that follow button, big smiles, puppy eyes, haha. Yesterday celebrated my birthday with my family, all came down to London, even couple of surprises, it was fantastic having them all here as its rare thing so it was even more significant, special, all together great day. As my birthday falls on a Monday, when everyone is back at work, nearest time to my birthday for us all to celebrate milestone soon to be. Today is chill day, as busy before it and then out for whole day, had picnic, that my partner prepared, went down a treat, night-time back at my sisters playing board games with the family until early hours, so no way could have blogged yesterday. I wanted to enjoy the moment, which I did. Do have more upcoming birthday treats lined up hopefully, with friends, and treat for myself. Either way had great birthday so far even though it’s not until tomorrow officially.

Hope you’ve all had wonderful weekend. xx

PS- do you notice I’m wearing make up, actually glam for once, hehe.. Better pics be coming soon, just need to chill, relax myself today, anyone knows when you have chronic illness you need to restore your batteries (little bit that you have in my case) even more so.

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