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The Body Shop Meet Lily Cole Event

I was lucky to be plus one to this event, thank you Jo. Entering the place was instantly greeted, helpful and tended to. The room smelled full of  lovely aroma’s, just like when you enter Body Shop’s on the high street. We was offered mixture of fresh juice or wine. Massages which I took full of advantage of, had to be done, oh I loved it. Make overs, got some tips from the MUA, even got top up on my lips, lip gloss from Lily Cole’s new range, what I liked about it, wasn’t sticky/gloppy, smells delicious, and makes me want one now…

Got to hear about the history, background information, all the charity work that they do, and their staff does. What goes into The Body Shop, how certain products are made. Very insightful talk, it actually gave me new found respect for this company, I’ve grown up using this brand here and there, knowing the basic info. Lily Cole gave her talk, she’s such amazing person, all the work she does for charities, it was pleasure to meet her, have a one to one talk. Over all great event.

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  1. I am not sure if my comment was sent, my internet cut out as i pressed publish. I think that the last photo is lovely and that the event looks really fun!

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