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Update: 1 Year From The Big Chop

I cannot believe it’s been just over a year already since I decided to go natural, meaning no relaxer (chemicals to straighten my hair), if you follow my social medias you might of seen my hair. If not here it is, in more detail. Before we show the now, lets see the before. To see the blog post of my big chop click here.

Even done a video

And now….

Sorry this of me with dirty hair, keeping it real, haha.

After it’s been washed.

My carer plaited my hair for me.

The length, as curly hair shrinks a lot, so don’t get to see the true length.


As you can see within a year, my hair has grown back to it’s original length just it’s in curly form now, so it’s shorter by sight but not in length. It’s more healthy, the thickness, less brittle, I’ve always naturally had thick hair so that remains the same, I am more vigilant on what products I use for my hair since I’ve done the chop. Once again if you not following my social medias, why not, give it a follow (on my sidebar), and not regular reader of mine, hit that follow button, subscribe to my blog (on my sidebar) you will have noticed I’ve had my hair plaited in different styles, keeping it in protective hairstyles, just so less work for me, giving it bit of break, plus the start of the reason getting plaited was because it was such awkward length for me, over this short period it’s grown. I look forward to this journey of my hair. Golden question have I been tempted to relax my hair, or cut it again, yes and yes I loved it until 7/8 month, my afro wasn’t cute and little anymore, became more work to fluff it out, however too short to style it the ways I wanted, the temptation was REAL, I pulled through it, kept thinking of the bigger picture, even now, I want that length, but considering it’s not been that long, not done too bad, as weary of all the meds I’m on, or (others) have for short spouts, with my illnesses, it’s not the greatest combo for healthy fluffy hair, but it’s not doing too bad.

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