The Big Chop


I am not my hair, took the huge step to have the BIG CHOP even though I regularly have huge hair cut this time it was different, no relaxer involved. I’ve been relaxing my hair since I was kid/preteen and not had my natural texture since. Incase you don’t know what a relaxer is, chemicals that make your hair straight in simple form. Turning 30 has made me grown into myself more, a woman exploring not so heavy on expectations, and if you know me in person I’m like hippy at heart, I am not attached to hair.

The transitioning from no relaxer and even heat, limited myself on using heat only for rare occasions, so pretty much let it dry naturally, less products on my hair, and took back control on my hair, trimming hair along the way, so even in the process wasn’t scared of taking off inches, once again didn’t have attachment horror how most people would. Detangling hair would take forever so make sure when going natural you gonna need time and patience, as you know I suffer with fibromyalgia amongst the extras so without help of my carers I am unable to wash my own hair as takes a lot out of me as lot of lifting my arms up which struggle with, then taming the hair, I have thick hair very so sorting through it takes time. Reasons behind the BIG CHOP, tired of dealing with two different textures relaxed and my own natural hair texture, as I don’t have luxury living near my mum who turns into my own personal hairdresser, so day-to-day living, I don’t have  energy or money to keep going hairdressers for protective hairstyle aka plaits with extensions etc, so the frustration on relying on strangers became more and more unappealing. Thankfully have a partner who does his own hair, so he had the shavers ready, done it for me, honestly when the hair came off I felt liberated, free, and fabulous, I know I don’t have slim face, chubby round face, not a model, yet made me want to do it more, as it’s ok not fitting in a box, embrace it.

Even made a video of the BIG CHOP if you interested, click on the video below.

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