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Nail Polish: Max Factor Max Effect, shade 34 Juicy Plum.

The rare occasion my nails look good these days, so why not take a few snaps, well nag my partner to take some photos for me, hehe. Give a little review. If you follow my blog you may notice this nail polish from my haul, and now finally painted my nails with it, so does it get my approval, hmm. Applied 2 coats, as I like to get that full pop of colour, as one coat can look watery depending on the nail polish of course. Sadly within hours, whilst having bath it completely chipped, was not happy bunny, luckily had time to reapply before heading out, however this time using top coat which made the nail polish last longer. Max Factor juicy plum by itself will chip, although all I need to do is breath on my nails and they chip. I do love the colour and did get complimented by people which made me smile, won’t lie with the weather so gloomy need bit vibrant in your life.

Are you wearing any nail polish right now? what are you wearing, if you someone who doesn’t wear nail varnish, what type of colours do you like?

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