Nails Of The Day, Shade Of Grey.



I am somebody who loves nail polishes, seeing my nails look semi decent, as every time I have long nails, one breaks, then its like domino effect, the price you pay when you grow your nails, with all the meds I’m on just glad to have nails that grows to be honest. Heres me doing a claw, awkward hand pose to show my nails, haha, do you love my hand modelling?!

What nail polish are you wearing at the moment?

8 thoughts on “Nails Of The Day, Shade Of Grey.

  1. That is a great summer colour 🙂 Your hands are much nicer than mine. I have little fat fingers LOL so I always crop my pictures to show as little of them as possible :p
    I use silk wraps to repair any splits, they usually last just long enough for the split to grow out. A starter kit is about £15 but lasts for a long time.
    I am currently wearing jojoba oil LOL having just removed a silvery purple by OPI that I got for the bargain price of 3.99 from TK Maxx 🙂

    1. Oh wow never heard of silk wraps, thanks for the recommendation. One of the reasons why I love bloggers, get good advice 🙂 oh I’m always eyeing up OPI at TK Maxx, yet to purchase. Are they worth all the hype?x

      1. To be honest, I don’t think they are. There are much cheaper brands that last just as well. But they do make unusual colours that other brands don’t. I would never pay full price for OPI.
        Nails Inc is another one that is over-rated. It chips so easily!!
        Personally I think a good base and top coat are what makes the difference, not the brand of polish 🙂

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