Nails Of The Day: Ciate London


I was thinking to myself when was the last time my lovely chubby fingers been on the blog, showcasing my hand modelling, haha, on the blog. As I’ve not actually bought any nail polish recently, and technically  I haven’t as this nail polish came with Marie Claire October issue magazine, and who doesn’t love a good freebie. Being a lover of nail polish, but also being a pauper Ciate London was nail varnish I could never afford, so when my partner told me about what’s with the magazine, I was like snap it up, quick.

On my nails is Ciate London, shade Prima Ballerina.

Applying: First coat very watery. Second coat there was gaps, where you could see through the shade. Third coat complete coverage, so took it some time for full coverage, however the colour was lovely light grey colour, which received compliments, so gave me little boost.

Results: How long did the nail polish last for, until chipping, well not until the fourth day did I see chipping,  even then only bit of chipping, for me that’s huge deal, I can be just sitting there doing nothing it can chip, I didn’t put no top coat as wanted test the nail polish properly, no cheats. So gained me back as wasn’t feeling the fact had to put 3 coats for full coverage, however the fact it lasted that long, gained points back.

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