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Nail Polish: Nails Inc, Shade: Lexington Street.

This nail polish was from Glamour magazine, December 2016 issue, my partner thought I needed a pick me up at that time, a little treat, a welcome distraction. I almost wasn’t going to post this, because the application isn’t perfect on my nails, looks a tad messy, but you know what I wanted to review this. My hands naturally shake at times, so it was just one of those days that my hands was fairly shaky, but none the less my nails still looked lovely, even got compliments, which boosted ya girl.

Now onto the actual nail polish: When trying out new nail polish, I like to test it out, on it’s own, no base or top coat, I know living on the edge, haha. It took two coats for complete coverage. How long did it last until chipping started, and for me I can just breath on my nails and they can chip so I am always apprehensive. With this it held itself well, didn’t chip until the third day. So it gets my approval.

I know it’s December and you thinking about gifts, food etc, however I am still looking for donations for me to get new wheelchair. When I say I miss having a wheelchair, just simple things like going to my GP’s is now more challenging, not every bus stop has seats, so standing waiting is a bitch. My routes (journeys) has become even more harder, the only upside is it’s winter so it’s not like I could be outdoors too long, but doesn’t mean you guys can slack on me, any amount truly be grateful, and closer to my goal. Please check out my Gofundme page, click here. Also have it on my sidebar, can click on there too if you want, takes you straight there. Donate, share the link, everything helps. x

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