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Mini Haul. And Sorry Keep On Vanishing


Who’s this random blogger, keep vanishing, truly has been trying time when it has come to my health, have been consistenly fighting one thing after another, and life stresses, with all that last thing wanted to do is blog, haven’t even been on wordpress for long while, so do apologise to those I follow on here, do read now and again couple of people’s posts, but doesn’t always show up in my emails or if see the link on twitter by chance I would read it.

Now onto the haul, this was little treat after hospital appointment, as certain appointments have to travel some distance and you know how tiring that can be. As didn’t have no seizures, took my meds when needed too, didn’t wait until last minute like I usually do, I know it’s naughty. So rewarded myself. I did say onto the haul but still managed to ramble on, you know I like to talk….

  • Superdrug: 3 round make-up sponges, bronzing brush superdrug brand brushes, yes I am cheap, but I have habit of losing things, when I travel to my mums or somewhere it’s just easy.
  • Max Factor Bronzing Powder (02), Max Factor False Lash Effect (black waterproof) Mascara, Max Factor Max Effect ( 34 juicy plum) Nail Polish. It was on a deal at the time, that’s why three of the same brand.
  • Tease Superdrug Body Spray.
  • MAC Matte Lipstick (heroine) I splurged.
  • Hello Kitty plasters, it’s me.

As I was doing this post, thought it might be good to  do face of the day using the products above, perhaps even the nails but could show it in different type of post, any way I’m drifting off to other things, yep I have poor concentration. So how has my fellow bloggers and readers been? x

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